About us

GOOD Soap is a family run company. We started off with a few essential oils in our college dorm and developed a soap that everyone liked. We kept it going and actually made a pretty good go of it. We didn’t have a lot of money to pay employees so we bribed our sister and our cousins to help out in exchange for free pizza and beer nuts. After a few years, we had a nice following in our neighborhood and were well known at the street festivals so we decided to put some of that college education to use and developed this website. ​

Not a particularly glamorous story but….Here we are!! We hope you enjoy our soaps. Please buy a lot and pass the word because we still have to pay back all those wonderful student loans (SMILE)!

-Josh & Ryan Good

(Oh yeah, our little sister Layla too!)

Josh and little Sister

What’s GOOD about our Soap?

Because of our dedication to quality and attention to detail:

  • We only use natural ingredients
  • All of our soaps are made from scratch; not from premixed, purchased soap bases

Our fabulous soaps have many plant based ingredients and we take pride in this because we like to brag. No seriously, our natural soaps do not include synthetic fragrances, colorants, and preservatives. We don’t like to put any artificial substances like fragrances, dyes or preservatives in the soap. We want you to feel a natural product on your natural skin. We think these two things go well together.  Our purely scented with essential oils only and colored with organic herbs and plant extracts to give you a unique experience in the shower. The soap base recipe is made from 100% certified organic oils so rest assured you are getting Mother Nature’s full love and affection in each and every bar.

We make every bar with a minimum of 85% organic ingredients. Because of how soap is comprised, it’s really tough to go much higher than that without sacrificing the soap’s integrity and consistency. We commit to making soap using ONLY organic base oils and keeping our soap’s ingredients above 85% organic. A truly organic soap cannot be both organic and synthetic at the same time so no oxymoron here. GOODsoap.net commits to using only certified organic oils to make the best product possible. Pretty good for a couple of college guys, huh?

The colors in GOODsoap.net come from plant ingredients created by Mother Nature. Although some essential oils also contribute to color, most of our natural herbs provide the colors in our soaps. As you can imagine, every plant is different and every plant may have a variation in its color. These variations will obviously trickle down to the soap causing each bar to exhibit slight color differences. This is completely normal. This slight variation is one of the reasons many people choose to use synthetic pigments. We don’t because we feel this would compromise the realness of the organic process. Sorry, but we are just funny like that.

What do you get in a bar of GOODsoap?:

We love the quality of our products and have every confidence in the world you will enjoy them for times to come. We are so positive you will enjoy our organic soaps that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you find you are not pleased with any of our packaged soaps, you are encouraged to return the soap for a full online credit. We try to give every customer good service, so we are happy to answer your questions. Just send us an email. Mom taught us not to be rude when people ask us questions so we do our best to respond within 24-48 hours.

100% Natural